Wednesday, April 1, 2009

happy April!

we liked having "no theme" so much, we decided to have just one more! 
actually, we are a little lame because we have no idea what theme to do this month. 
SO, we need YOUR help.
what theme do you think would be rad enough for us to conquer this April?
please, please suggest one in the comments below.
and we'll deeply ponder over each one.


-l & b


Anonymous said...


Jess said...

it'd be cool to see how you guys can capture this in photography. be in visual/audio noise ..

Samuel said...


Katrina Janzen said...


the "noise" concept is pretty intriguing. Maybe April can be "noise" and May can be:

Be. Still. [and] Know.

hmmm? hmmm? How's that for some meditation via photography. BOO-yah.

Katrina Janzen said...

had to post again, was just sitting here thinking that...

CLEARLY Brandon favors portraiture and I'm trying to peg what your interest is Tanner, can we simply can it "indie"? SO.

What if you guys swapped and Brandon went for the indie style and Leah took on portraiture. yes? BOO-yah.

Ash said...


Aunt Barb said...

I like Katrina's idea of you two swapping!

Liz said...

death & life
speckles of passion

;-) just a few ideas...

Christie said...

I think this is my favorite pairing you guys have done. I'm loving the B&W.

Anonymous said...

some ideas to ponder:

everyday life
when i was a child...
let there be light